So you’re having a baby! Yay! One of the most amazing parts of any pregnancy is finding out the baby’s gender. A 4D, or “moving 3D”, sonogram from Panhandle OBGYN is truly a special way to see your growing baby, and to learn its biological gender.

What Is 3D and 4D Sonography?

In a 3D ultrasound exam, multiple 2D images are taken at various angles. The images then are assembled into a 3D image. A 4D image is similar to a 3D image, but it shows movement. A 3D or 4D ultrasound sometimes is done when a specific problem is suspected during pregnancy, such as a problem with the placenta or fetus. But, most often, it’s done around 20 weeks to determine the baby’s health and gender.

4D Sonographer

Sonograms are not just used to determine a baby’s gender. It’s a great time to ensure the baby’s growing properly. Gayla, a Panhandle OBGYN Sonographer, checks the baby’s size, weight and a few other things to ensure the developing 21-week old baby is healthy and strong!

At a mere 21-weeks along, this baby boy was able to showcase his developing features to his parents with 4D Ultrasound technology at Panhandle OBGYN. How cute! We always allow the parents to take home photos from the ultrasound. But, heads up! The baby likes to move around. That means, sometimes he or she won’t be very camera-friendly!

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