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Birth Control Options for Cuffing Season and Beyond

Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash   While 2017-18 has been deemed the worst cuffing season ever, Punxsutawney Phil has said there are six more weeks of winter left to go. So you are probably going to have plenty of time and colder weather to Netflix and chill. There are more birth control options available […]

OTC Medications for When You’re Expecting

Pregnancy is a magical time in a woman’s life… …though it doesn’t always feel that way. Caring for two lives in the middle of cold and flu season can be overwhelming. Washing hands frequently, drinking plenty of liquids and getting lots of sleep are the best ways to remain healthy. But sickness can sometimes circumvent […]

HPV Infects 80 Million Americans

  January is Cervical Cancer Awareness Month Human Papillomavirus (HPV) comes in many forms, and is the greatest cause of cervical cancer. Nearly 80 million Americans have some form of HPV right now. Routine Pap tests are the best way to identify problems before cancer develops. At the beginning of the year, many people resolve […]

Advances in Hysterectomy Procedures Deliver Benefits

Photo by Emma Simpson This common procedure has improved in recent years. Learn more about the newest techniques. In the United States, 22 million women have had a hysterectomy. Every year, another 600,000 women have the procedure. One-third of all American women have likely had a hysterectomy by age 60. The hysterectomy is the second […]

The Biggest Factors Associated with Preterm Birth

The following are generally recognized as the most common factors associated with preterm birth, or when a baby is born too early, usually defined as before 37 weeks of pregnancy. Many factors can be avoided, like avoiding tobacco, alcohol or high-stress. Others are unavoidable, like race or prior preterm birth. Learn more by contacting Panhandle […]

How to Tell When Labor Begins: A Complete Guide

Will this be your greatest hour? Probably not. But, is delivering your precious baby going to be one of the most remarkable, memorable and difficult things you’ve ever done? Probably. You can do this! Awaiting the birth of a baby is an exciting and anxious time. Most women give birth between 38 and 42 weeks […]

VBAC: Your Options, Risks and Benefits

Everything You Need To Know About Vaginal Birth After Cesarean Delivery It was once thought that if a woman had one cesarean delivery, all other babies she had should be born in the same way. Today, it is known that many women can undergo a trial of labor after a cesarean delivery (called TOLAC). After […]

Our Favorite Pictures of 2017 Shared By You!

We have the amazing honor and pleasure of serving some amazing families here at Panhandle OBGYN. And these precious folks often share amazing pictures with us. Every year, the most amazing birth moments, or growing babies, come to us in the form of shared pictures. Whether it’s a birth, or a Panhandle OBGYN-delivered 3-year-old in […]

7 Ways to Prevent Birth Defects

Healthy Habits Are Key to Health Pregnancy Not all birth defects can be prevented. But a woman can increase her chances of having a healthy pregnancy by adopting healthy behaviors, even before becoming pregnant. This is important because many birth defects happen very early during pregnancy, sometimes before a woman even knows she is pregnant. 1 […]

Ladies, Let’s Talk About Pain.

(Originally posted here) Let’s face it, pain is a part of pregnancy. Stretching, growing and adjusting is nearly always an uncomfortable process, especially in the later stages of pregnancy. The pains and sensations of pregnancy are difficult to explain to a person that has never experienced them. Newly pregnant mothers are often nervous about facing the […]