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Robots? Not Exactly. A Person Is Involved.

Minimally Invasive Robotic Technologies Are Easy and Effective There’s often a stigma from women when it comes to robotics. They often drum up nightmarish images of metallic arms and gadgets wheeling around the surgery bed. Like something out of a comic book, or super hero movie, many women are terrified robotic surgeries will feel more […]

What Is 4D Sonography? Sonograms (Ultrasound) at Panhandle OBGYN

So you’re having a baby! Yay! One of the most amazing parts of any pregnancy is finding out the baby’s gender. A 4D, or “moving 3D”, sonogram from Panhandle OBGYN is truly a special way to see your growing baby, and to learn its biological gender. What Is 3D and 4D Sonography? In a 3D […]

Why Do We Offer BioTE at Panhandle OBGYN?

Getting Back To The Forefront of Hormone Replacement Therapy “It really gives us an option to treat many women who have been left out without other options,” Dr. May said. It’s an exciting time for us. Years ago, there were several studies that came out in major hormone replacement literature that set back hormone replacement […]

ACOG Guidelines for Exercise During Pregnancy

Source: American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists Watch: Dr. Barnett Talks About Exercise While Pregnant Is it safe to exercise during pregnancy? If you are healthy and your pregnancy is normal, it is safe to continue or start most types of exercise, but you may need to make a few changes. Physical activity does not […]

Dr. Barnett Discusses HPV and Abnormal Pap Smear’s

“What is HPV”? HPV is a type of sexually transmitted disease that can cause cervical cancer, or cancer of the cervix. HPV is short for human papillomavirus. HPV is a group of more than 150 related viruses. Each HPV virus in this large group is given a number which is called its HPV type. HPV […]

Breastfeeding For Beginners: Essential Tips For Getting Started

Babies are born with all the instincts they need to breastfeed. A healthy newborn is usually capable of breastfeeding without any specific help within the first hour of birth. Those who do so may have an easier time breastfeeding than babies who are not breastfed immediately after birth. To help give you a good start, […]

Avoiding Sickness While Traveling Outside The United States

If you are planning a trip out of the country, your health care provider can help you decide if travel outside the United States is safe for you and advise you about what steps to take before your trip. The CDC is also a good resource for travel alerts, safety tips and up-to-date vaccination facts […]

Travel During Pregnancy: Your Safety and Comfort

Traveling safely during pregnancy depends on whether you have any problems that need special care, how far along you are in your pregnancy, and your comfort. For most women, traveling is safe during pregnancy. The Best Time to Travel The best time to travel is probably the middle of your pregnancy – between weeks 14 […]

Essential Vitamins and Minerals to Include During Pregnancy

Vitamins and minerals play important roles in all of your body functions. During pregnancy, you need more folic acid and iron than a woman who is not pregnant. Taking a prenatal vitamin supplement can ensure that you are getting these extra amounts. A well-rounded diet should supply all of the other vitamins and minerals you […]

Nutrition During Pregnancy: The 5 Food Groups

While you are pregnant, the food you eat gives you the nutrients you need to fuel your body’s activities and help your baby grow. Eating a variety of healthy foods is the best way to give you and your growing baby the nutrition you both need. You also can get nutrients from pills containing vitamins […]