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Guidelines to Follow: Healthy Weight Gain During Pregnancy

What you eat and how much of it is more important than ever while you are pregnant. The amount of weight you gain during your pregnancy is as essential to your health as it is to the health of your baby. As your baby develops and your body works to support that growth, you will […]

The Ultimate Guide: Foods To Eat & Avoid While Pregnant

During pregnancy, it’s important to keep in mind that healthy eating is critical to a baby’s growth and development. Check out a few pointers to what you should be eating and avoiding if you’re expecting a new edition to your family: Do Eat: Lentils & Beans: Not only are lentils packed with protein that will keep […]

Recipe: Chocolate Chip Cookies (Gluten-Free, Paleo, Flourless)

We’ve had lots of folks asking us about gluten-free and paleo recipes. So, we decided to try out this recipe from Living Health With Chocolate. UPDATE: Our cookies turned out thicker than the picture below. We lightly placed dough from the spoon to the pan. When you set the dough out, try gently flattening them […]

Recipe: Eggs in Hash Brown Nests (Pioneer Woman)

From The Pioneer Woman Cooking, March 26 Eggs in Hash Brown Nests These are the perfect little side dish for Easter Brunch: Tender-but-crispy potato nests with a luscious baked egg in the middle. They go perfectly with ham for a more substantial brunch, or they’re great for a casual breakfast with a piece of bacon. […]