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The Biggest Factors Associated with Preterm Birth

The following are generally recognized as the most common factors associated with preterm birth, or when a baby is born too early, usually defined as before 37 weeks of pregnancy. Many factors can be avoided, like avoiding tobacco, alcohol or high-stress. Others are unavoidable, like race or prior preterm birth. Learn more by contacting Panhandle […]

VBAC: Your Options, Risks and Benefits

Everything You Need To Know About Vaginal Birth After Cesarean Delivery It was once thought that if a woman had one cesarean delivery, all other babies she had should be born in the same way. Today, it is known that many women can undergo a trial of labor after a cesarean delivery (called TOLAC). After […]

7 Ways to Prevent Birth Defects

Healthy Habits Are Key to Health Pregnancy Not all birth defects can be prevented. But a woman can increase her chances of having a healthy pregnancy by adopting healthy behaviors, even before becoming pregnant. This is important because many birth defects happen very early during pregnancy, sometimes before a woman even knows she is pregnant. 1 […]