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Robotics aren’t as scary as they may sound. Many people think that the robot will be operating on its own, without a person being involved. But that’s not how it works. The specialist in control of the robot is in complete control of every movement of the robot. And anytime they step away from the console, the robot immediately freezes. Nothing moves without human control.

Dr. Gregory May

Dr. Gregory May

We believe there are many benefits in robotics technology for Hysterectomy. Patients benefit from a more precise and comfortable process for the physician and decreased recovery time and pain in most cases. Usually patients can maintain normal diets on the day of the appointment.

Benefits of robotics include:

  • Two Lenses merge to create a 3d image for the physician (This image is vastly superior than viewing an HD TV, for example)
  • Decreased pain, and decreased pain medications in most cases
  • Improved vision and magnification during the appointment
  • Decreased time off from work in most cases
  • Most patients stay one night and can go home the next day
  • Most people tolerate a regular diet on the same day
  • Outcomes seem to be better overall
  • Less fatigue for the physician due to smooth and precise ergonomics provide by the robot

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