4D Sonography from Panhandle OBGYN

4D Sonography

At a mere 21-weeks along, this baby boy was able to showcase his developing features to his parents with 4D Ultrasound technology at Panhandle OBGYN.

Have you ever wanted to see the features of your baby before he or she is born? Of course you have! That’s why we’re excited to be able to offer the latest in 4D ultrasound technology. The images are clear and life-like, allowing parents to connect to their babies in the best way possible to date.

What are 3D and 4D ultrasound?

4D Sonographer

Gayla checks for size, weight and other crucial aspects of the developing 21-week old baby.

In a 3D ultrasound exam, multiple 2D images are taken at various angles. The images then are assembled into a 3D image. A 4D image is similar to a 3D image, but it shows movement. A 3D or 4D ultrasound sometimes is done when a specific problem is suspected during pregnancy, such as a problem with the placenta or fetus.