Getting Back To The Forefront of Hormone Replacement Therapy

“It really gives us an option to treat many women who have been left out without other options,” Dr. May said.

It’s an exciting time for us. Years ago, there were several studies that came out in major hormone replacement literature that set back hormone replacement therapy as a valid option. At that time, there were concerns that have since been all but alleviated. But, the damage had been done. Practices like ours had thought hormone replacement therapies should be widely used and encouraged. Those studies caused great concern. Naturally, many stopped providing it or took their patients off of those kind of therapies.

Today, there has been a shift back to hormone replacement therapy. That’s great news. But, since that downturn, there are many women today who are dealing with symptoms as a result of being taken off therapies in the past. They may be experiencing many hormone-related problems, whether it’s vaginal dryness, vaginal atrophy, loss of bone marrow density, and so on. It can even cause depression, an inability to workout or physically exercise, difficulty during sex, and so on. And since that time, there has been a lack of research on hormone replacement.

We are excited to announce that BioTE at Panhandle OBGYN gives us a leading method of hormone replacement therapy. It instantly provides us the ability to treat women in an effective way. And it’s even more enhanced than other traditional therapies, such as oral, patch, or injection types that can’t be followed with laboratory tests. BioTE can. This provides us with detailed and comprehensive tracking to make women have the best experience possible. We are excited about the new service!

It’s a chance for us to get back into the forefront of hormone therapy care. We’ve already seen patients do very well in 2017. It has been well received.

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