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Leaky Bladder? You’re Not Alone: Urinary Incontinence

Did you know that 1 in 3 women may experience bladder leakage, also known as urinary incontinence? UI is not just a medical problem. Because some women with UI are afraid to do normal day-to-day activites, it has an emotional and psychological effect. A common misconception is that urinary incontinence is just part of getting […]

Key Points: Living A Healthy Lifestyle While Breastfeeding

While you are breastfeeding, it is important to maintain the healthy nutritional and lifestyle habits you had during pregnancy. Remember, it’s almost everything you put into your body also goes to your baby in your breast milk. Eating Right When you are pregnant, your body stores extra nutrients and fat to prepare for breastfeeding. The […]

3 Ways To Perform A Breast Self Exam

A self-exam will help you learn the normal shape and feel of your breast. They also make it easier to notice changes. If you have felt a lump, it should be checked even if your last mammography result was normal. If your exam shows a lump or if  the results are not clear, more tests will […]