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Key Benefits of Exercise During Your Pregnancy

Exercise is a key part of staying healthy. Everyone needs daily physical activity – including pregnant women. Getting regular exercise during pregnancy benefits both you and your growing baby and has few risks. If your pregnancy is healthy, you can do most types of exercise, but you may ned to make a few changes. Benefits […]

Exercises For Back Pain During Pregnancy

Exercises for the back can help ease backache. They strengthen and stretch muscles that support the back and legs and promote good posture, keeping the muscles of the back, abdomen, hips, and upper body strong. These exercises not only help you ease back pain but also help you prepare for labor and childbirth. If you have […]

A Guide to Exercise During Pregnancy

Fitness minded mommies-to-be often ask questions like “Can I keep exercising?” and “What kind of restrictions do I have for exercise?”. There are only a handful of studies published that look specifically at scientific data on exercise and pregnancy. For years, pregnant patients were advised to avoid exercise for fear of it increasing the risk […]

Popular Crossfit® Video Features Dr. Barnett and Wife Andee

While pregnant it’s possible to stay in shape In this amazing video, our own Dr. Barnett and his wife, Andee, join other women and personal trainers to inspire others to accept the challenge of exercising while being pregnant. An active lifestyle should never stop, even while pregnant. It’s actually best to keep going, only modifying your routine as each […]